The Importance of Accurate Renderings

Why is it important to have accurate renderings for your design project?

Say you knew nothing of interior design, had no knowledge or sense about any of it, there is still one keyword within that question that should ring a few bells or light a few bulbs. Accurate. On a very base level, it should be clear why you’d want accurate design renderings. Because they’d be correct – from page to production and brought into reality. Who wants anything to be inaccurate, when has that ever been good?

So of course, you want accurate renderings for your project, but let’s really take a look at all the reasons why it’s so important.

It’s paramount to make good on the promise you are making to a client. And that’s what a 3D rendering can be; it can be a promise that this is the vision for said space that you will deliver on. The way those panels look on that wall? The color and stone choices you made for the countertops? Sometimes down to the choice of books you made for accessories on a shelf, all of that is the concept a client has bought into when they see your renderings and sign off on them. Even certain lighting effects used can distort perception of what can actually be done and will cause a room to look different from the render.
You need to represent that concept one hundred present in all the choices you make when it comes to color, and texture, and layout.

Very rarely is a person okay with a situation when they are shown something and then given something entirely different. Would you be happy if you ordered tan leather shoes and opened the box to find black fabric ones instead? Now also imagine you spent an incredibly big amount on said shoes and it would cost even more to correct and replace the mistake. I think most people would have a choice selection of words for the company they got the shoes from, don’t you?

Renderings need to be accurate to maintain trust and happiness with a client. It is absolutely important that you use products that are actually manufactured and not digitally created so around the time that bidding and procurement happens, you aren’t running around in a roaring panic because it turns out that beautiful dining room table that your client loved doesn’t really exist and now you have to try your hardest to source something close enough in the same price range. Trust us, close enough isn't remotely close enough most of the time.
When talking about accurate renderings, architectural accuracy is another major point, pinpointing the correct positioning and locations for things like doors, and columns, and air ducts. A rendering that is incorrectly showing the position of a window by even inches can directly affect many other things later in the process. That goes for all the other things listed, any architectural element not reflected correctly is going to affect the project, these are critical items that need to be considered.

Doing your best to produce accurate renderings will make the overall design process so much easier for both you and your client, and avoid any unneeded hang ups from happening.

Until next time!
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