Bridgette Caporaso, the visionary owner and principal designer at Sketch, is known for sophisticated interiors and meticulous detailing. Her expertise spans custom home development, woodworking, and interior design, guiding clients expertly through every phase of their projects. Her passion for design, coupled with interests in fine art, fashion, and culinary arts, enriches her creative approach. Bridgette balances her professional achievements with a fulfilling personal life as a devoted wife, mother, and dog owner


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Ehsan finds true fulfillment in interior design, passionate about making a positive impact through his work at Sketch Design Studio. He combines his love for design with a focus on each client's unique needs and the architecture's qualities. Ehsan maintains a positive attitude and stellar communication, viewing his work as a collaborative effort to exceed clients’ expectations.

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Britney derives immense satisfaction from transforming spaces, deeply impacting how people feel. After starting as an intern and discovering a newfound love for cabinetry design post-maternity leave, she flourished in her career. Britney's work creates beautiful, functional spaces where people can make lifelong memories.

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Aleksandra is a senior interior designer with an architectural background, renowned for blending structural insight with a passion for detail. Inspired by European design, she creates sophisticated, functional spaces for all family members. An avid mountaineer, rock climber, and biker, she draws creative energy from nature, infusing her work with a fresh perspective.

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Caitlyn graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a bachelor's in interior design while working in event planning. She transitioned directly into the design industry thanks to Sketch. Caitlyn enjoys embedding clients' personalities into their spaces, drawing her to the field.

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Michael discovered his passion for graphic design at Sketch, where he enjoys exploring creative composition and presentation construction. He thrives in a supportive team environment that fosters success and collaboration, contributing to the brand's elegant aesthetics.

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Matthew leverages his experience in sales and public relations at Sketch, working closely with Bridgette, vendors, and partners. He leads new initiatives that add value to services, showcasing Sketch's quality work. Matthew thrives in a creative, collaborative environment that celebrates unique talents and client stories.

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