Trendy Vs Timeless Design

Fads come and go.

That’s the nature of the beast. They are here for the moment, and they hit big and become all the rage. It’s all anyone can talk about or reference; you literally see it everywhere. But then comes the part when something new lands and takes over, and that thing you had that was so desirable and relevant becomes witness to just how behind you are now. If it’s something like a piece of clothing, that can be fairly easy to catch up with. You pack it away and grab the next trendy look with a shopping trip or online order. But if it’s something like a patterned tile laid throughout your entire home.

Well maybe you just walk around the space looking up at the ceiling instead and ignore the poor choices you may or may not have made.
That’s not to say that every shift in the design world is only a trend with a definite lifespan but there is large amount that come and go. Think about the major movements that were happening even just a few years ago, how many of those can you say are still stylistically relevant? Think back even further; remember entire homes in wood paneling and shag carpets in a sea of clays and browns? That look is certainly a snapshot in time.

Will it ever return? The future is unknown, but it doesn’t look to be on the horizon.
Why go with a trendy design or one that has trending elements at all? If everything has a shelf life, why take the risk that a major component to the look of your space is going to age not so well? Suppose there are a few reasons. You could objectively just really enjoy the current design trend. Maybe it speaks to you and always will so even if it falls out of style in general, it won’t fall out of style with you personally. Another reason is possibly you are financially well off to the point that you can constantly change and evolve your spaces to fit with trend patterns and being connected to the latest thing is important to you so you are willing to make that effort. Very specific case types though.
Timeless design components are the features that slot into a wide range of designs despite the ever changing current. A nice neutral paint palette is far more universal than slathering the walls of a space in a bright aqua with a jagged stone art installation.

When you lean into working with elements that are considered timeless in relation to interior style, there is far less risk than when you are aiming for a current trend. You know that a decade from now when the design landscape has completely flipped yet again, that your home will stay consistent in its classic features and visuals.

Smooth marble countertops, beautiful crown molding, clean hardwood floors.
There is just far less downside going with what is considered timeless when making design choices instead of what’s currently in trend. When we are talking about decisions that come with sometimes steep price tags and lengthy planning/installing phases, you want to come out on the other side of the process with a lasting aesthetic. Not one that will be quickly abandoned come the next viral photo or video.

Until next time!
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